It’s a Challenging World Out There!

It`s very hard to stand still in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, let alone continuously improve and grow.  Research shows that one of the biggest challenge of business success is the way people are led and managed and the way quality improvement initiatives are developed and implemented.  So, what can you do if you feel that you are not achieving the business and quality improvements you and your customer demand and to avoid just doing what you have always done?

Supervisors and Managers attending a new course from training leaders in MAWAEVENTS in Dubai this week are learning how advanced levels of management, quality improvement tools and approaches and innovative motivational and team leading techniques help increase employee engagement, motivation and productivity. 

Twentieth century management techniques are not appropriate for the twenty-first century. This programme explores and applies current thinking and approaches to help leaders maximise their organisations’ potential.

MAWAEVENTS training course Leadership and Management Skills for the New Manager Supervisor looks at how changes in employee behaviour have come about during this days. New communication techniques and management tools are being increasingly used to maximize performance and productivity without losing the essential soft skills required to be a successful leader in today’s turbulent business environment.

Topics and skills covered to help you become a more effective leader and manager include:

  • Leadership skills for the new or existing manager supervisor
  • Importance of goal setting and planning in management
  • Using your time for maximum productivity
  • Communication skills and interpersonal interactions
  • Action planning for performance improvement

Together these topics, skills and approaches provide a powerful toolkit to improve, leadership, engagement, quality improvement and overall organisational performance.  Remember as discovered by Deming the guru of quality improvement – when quality improves costs go down.  It is a win-win for everyone.

By the end of the course Managers and Leaders will have built their toolkit of improvement ideas and approaches, they will have explored ways that can successfully motivate and engage employees to continuously improve their own performance and have applied the learning to help them undertake real strategic success in their organisations.

We invite you to take a look at the MAWAEVENTS website to view the dates of this and other courses being run in exciting venues.

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