Writing HR Policies And Procedures

Category: Writing HR Policies And Procedures

Course Description

Professionals working in Human Resources Planning or Human Resources Administration who are directly responsible for developing HR Policies and Procedures. This program is also suitable for Human Resources managers who wish to sharpen their skills in writing HR Policies and Procedures.

Course Objectives

  • List all HR functions and responsibilities and identify their contributions to organizational success.
  • Explain the difference between policies, processes and procedures.
  • Apply appropriate HR policies and procedures writing techniques. 
  • Describe the purpose/usefulness of Human Resources policies and procedures.
  • Develop Human Resources policies and procedures.

Course Outline

  • Towards a Modern Definition
  • The Main Functions in HR Management
  • Competency-Based HR Management
  • HR Deliverables: A Model for Multiple Roles
  • HR as Business Partner
  • HR Competencies: Moving from Traditional HR to Strategic HR
  • The Evolution of HR into a Strategic Function
  • Steps to Building the Strategic Role of Human Resources
  • Policies and Procedures as the Cornerstone in Strategizing Human Resources
  • Writing in an Impersonal Style
  • Organizing Paragraphs and Sentences
  • Using Simple, Specific and Positive Language
  • Using Active Verbs
  • Applying Easy and Effective Grammatical Rules
  • The Gunning Fox Index for Writing Complexity 
  • Human Resources Policies
  • Human Resources Procedures
  • Why are HR Policies and Procedures Required? 
  • Expressing Values in HR Policies and Procedures
  • Importance of Statutory Inclusions
  • Formulating HR Policies and Procedures
  • A Partial List of Policies
  • Contents and Sections of a Policy
  • Practical Policy Writing Activities
  • Defining Processes and Procedures
  • Considerations in Developing Processes and Procedures
  • Building your Process
  • Use of Flowchart Symbols
  • Writing Detailed Procedures to Support Process Maps
  • Main Considerations in Developing HR Procedures – Including the Development Process
  • Developing HR Procedures – Practical Application
  • Introduction and Briefing
  • Relating HRMS to Policies and Procedures
  • The Various Applications
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Other Options