Training Management And Organisational Learning For Oil And Gas Industries

Category: Training Management And Organisational Learning For Oil And Gas Industries

Course Description

This course will introduce participants to Organisational Learning & Training Management for Oil & Gas Industries. Organisational learning is a characteristic of an organisation that is able to predict changes in signals from its environment (both internal and external) and adapt accordingly.

Organisational learning and the learning organisation has flourished and been defined in a wide range of literature, it is part of the discipline of Organisational Development (OD). Training management is about positioning training at the core of what you do. It is about becoming a ‘Learning Organisation’.

  • Learn about organisational learning as a key management process
  • Understand the application of training management in your organisation
  • Becoming a learning organisation
  • There will be a practical workshops/exercises each day where what has be learnt will be put into practice
  • The programme has been developed to address the special needs of the Oil and Gas environment

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Organisational Learning theory
  • Explain the concept of effective Training Management
  • Utilise the skills of OD for Organisational Learning & Training Management
  • Apply appropriate skills for developing a learning organisation
  • Develop training suitable for the oil and gas sector

Course Outline

  • The concept of learning
  • How does learning differ in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Behavioural and other psychological theories
  • Implications of organisational learning practices
  • The idea of organisational learning
  • Redefining organisational learning
  • Managing the training function strategically
  • Training in the Oil & Gas sector
  • The importance of cost-benefit & ROI
  • The concept of talent management
  • Differentiating succession management & talent management
  • Nationalisation issues
  • An experience of change
  • Change at the team level
  • Change at the organisational level
  • Key drivers of change
  • Change management
  • Case Studies of change management in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • History of OD
  • Organisational development today
  • Maslow and Hertzberg & The Hawthorne effect
  • Case studies: Putting OD into practice
  • Diagnostic tools for OD
  • Organisational Structures
  • Understanding the learning organisation
  • Characteristics  of a learning organisation
  • Are you ready to change?
  • Benefits and barriers
  • The Fifth Discipline
  • Personal action planning