Power-Pack Presentation Skills

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Course Description

Organizations depend on communication for success. Their people communicate through presentations to large and small groups, inside and outside the organization. Effective presenters are the leaders in the organization; they are first in line for promotions and raises, they are successful and trusted managers and executives. Look around you and you will see that, no matter what your career or what position you hold in your organization, your ability to present is a part of your job. As you move into positions with more responsibility, your ability to present to large or small groups becomes critical.

This training program is exceptionally personal. Whether you are a novice presenter or one with hundreds of presentations under your belt, you will be in a setting in which you can learn and grow to the extent you desire. You will receive feedback from three perspectives, those of the facilitator, your colleagues, and yourself. This well-rounded feedback ensures that you will learn what makes a great presenter and what you need to do to face your next audience with more confidence, competence, and credibility than ever before.

The experience in this presentation skills training program is as close as you can get to have a personal coach. After taking this powerful presentation skills training program, you will be able to notice gains in effectively communicating your ideas, enhance personal and corporate image.

Course Objectives

  • Develop and structure an effective presentation based on your audience and purpose
  • Create appropriate visual aids
  • Make your presentation memorable with the right kind of pizzazz
  • Include facilitation techniques to engage your audience
  • Deliver a flawless presentation under any situation

Who Should Attend

Do you want to build your skills and boost your confidence as a presenter? Then this program is for you. Whether you present regularly or occasionally, and no matter your audience size, you will benefit from learning practical skills and having opportunities to apply what you learn in this training program.

This program is designed for any professional who wishes to deliver powerful and engaging presentations.

Course Outline

  • What is Business Communication
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Verbal Business Communication
  • Non-Verbal Business Communication
  • Communication Barriers
  • Business Communication & Customer Service
  • Internal and External Business Communication
  • Quality and Business Communication