Mastering Materials Management

Category: Mastering Materials Management

Course Description

To keep both students and managers abreast of the changes and emerging trends in the field of materials management, this course has been revised and updated with the latest procedures and applications. A great amount of new material has been incorporated to suit the particular need of the delegates pursuing management courses.

Benefit of Attending

  • Define mathematical concepts underlying inventory control, linear programming with great clarity.
  • Discuss the operational details of stores and purchases, standardization and quality control, value analysis and value engineering.
  • Identify the relationship between the purchasing function and materials management.
  • Explore the legal aspects of purchasing and the technicalities of warehousing.
  • Understand the purpose and goals of the materials management organization and its contribution to profitability and the bottom line.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to materials management
  • Systems Approach to Materials Management.
  • Forecasting, Objectives and the Materials Organization.
  • Materials Planning.
  • Purchasing in Materials Management System Concept.
  • Purchasing and Procurement Activities under Materials Management.
  • Value Analysis and Value Engineering.
  • Purchasing and Quality Assurance.
  • Incoming Material Quality Control.
  • Statistical Quality Control.
  • Purchasing Capital Equipment, Plant and Machinery.
  • International Buying and Import Purchasing.
  • Governmental Purchasing Practices and Procedures.
  • Inventory Management and Control Systems.
  • Stores Management and Operation.
  • Materials Accounting, Flow of Costs and Inventory Valuation, Physical Verification, Security and Materials Audit.
  • Materials Handling and Storage Systems; Physical Distribution Logistics. Transportation, Traffic and Claims Management.
  • Operations Research and Related Techniques.
  • Materials Management Information System and Computer.
  • Economic Flow of Values and Materials Management.
  • Spare Parts and Maintenance Materials Control and Obsolete Scrap or Process Waste and Surplus Materials Disposals.
  • Materials Management and Productivity.
  • Cost-Effectiveness and Performance Measurement.