Master Of Logistics And Retail Management

Category:   Master Of Logistics And Retail Management

Course Description

Benefit of Attending

  • Appreciate the need to have more involvement in supply chains.
  • Recognize and reprioritize activities in transporting products from production to consumption.
  • Understand how to minimize time to market, maximize on-shelf availability, continuously replenish stock and utilizing technology to transform the retail supply chain
  • Examine the very latest thinking and research essential to retail logistics.
  • Identify the relationships in the supply chain, and define logistics in the fashion industry
  • Gain an understanding of the different issues in temperature controlled supply chains

Course Outline

  • Retail logistics: changes and challenges

    • The logistics task
    • Retail logistics and supply chain transformation
    • Supply chain management
    • The grocery retail supply chain in the United Kingdom
    • Supply chain challenges

    Relationships in the supply chain 

    • Changing buyer-seller relationships
    • Quick Response
    • Efficient Consumer Response
    • The role of logistics service providers

    The internationalization of the retail supply chain

    • Differences in distribution ‘culture’ in international markets
    • The internationalization of logistics practices

Market orientation and supply chain management in the fashion industry

  • Market orientation approach and supply chain management – a focal point
  • Market orientation approach and supply chain management – the reality
  • The role of imitation and innovation in the fashion business
  • Conclusion and the research agenda for future studies

Fashion logistics and quick response

  • Managing the fashion logistics pipeline
  • The lead-time gap
  • Quick response strategies
  • Global sourcing and QR
  • The importance of agility

Agile merchandizing in the European textile fashion industry

  • Global sourcing challenges
  • Fashion merchandizing
  • The agile supply network
  • Agile merchandizing
  • Future developments

Tesco’s supply chain management

  • The changing Tesco supply chain: establishing control and delivering efficiency
  • The current network
  • Other initiatives: the environment

Temperature controlled supply chains

  • What is a temperature controlled supply chain?
  • The importance of temperature controlled supply chains
  • Changes in temperature controlled supply chains
  • Issues in temperature controlled supply chains
  • Future developments and constraints

On-shelf availability in UK grocery retailing: a case study

  • Literature background
  • Methodology

The development of e-tail logistics

  • The growth of e-commerce
  • The grocery market
  • The logistical challenges
  • Definition of the home delivery channel
  • Environmental impact of online retail logistics

RFID: transforming technology?

  • RFID: initial hype and reality
  • RFID: more measured consideration?
  • The greening of retail logistics