Lean Distribution

Category: Lean Distribution

Course Description

The course focuses on the customer is a fresh approach to lean. Companies that can bear the burden of variability will develop a strategic advantage in today’s volatile market; it is a comprehensive yet concise work with clear leanings, this comprehensive course captures the revolution occurring in today’s increasingly competitive and global supply chain.

Benefit of Attending

  • Apply Lean techniques, typically effective in manufacturing processes, which can be applied in the downstream supply chain in a practical and productive manner.
  • Eliminate losses through lean manufacturing and lean distribution initiatives, reduce operating costs, slash inventories, reduce floor space, and improve customer service.
  • Understand how to break through the forecast accuracy barrier by applying proven Lean practices that reduce costs and simplify distribution processes.
  • Resolve the forecasting dilemma and discuss an actionable road map to transform the supply chain with specific recommendations to implement improvements.
  • Describing the principles and a foundation to provide a comprehensive, real-world framework and specific recommendations for customizing a Lean approach to transform distribution in any business.

Course Outline

  • The lean change in distribution
  • The RFID change Dilemma
  • The forecast barrier
  • The balancing act
  • Business and operational plans
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Another approach
  • The traffic analogy
  • Improving distribution operations
  • Lean paradigm shifts
  • Lean distribution framework
  • Lean distribution transformation
  • Role of information technology
  • Applications for lean distribution
  • Customer directions
  • Global sourcing
  • Cost reduction
  • Lean streamlining
  • New challenges?
  • Functional silos
  • Distribution sports franchise analogy
  • Optimizing distribution
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Lowering production/Sourcing costs
  • Improving inventory management
  • Maximizing asset utilization
  • Technology directions
  • Distribution business processes
  • ERP Transformation
  • The Lean Approach
  • Managing uncertainty with Lean
  • Lean and DRP: Collaboration
  • Lean-Enabled Collaboration
  • Overview of Customer Service Policy
  • Segmentation
  • Service strategies
  • Overview of Buffer strategy
  • Determine service strategies
  • Service distinctions
  • Pull Trigger
  • Replenishment orders
  • Inventory targets
  • Buffer management
  • The simplicity challenge
  • Planning transformation
  • Lean distribution benefits
  • Selling the lean distribution vision
  • Implementing lean distribution