Efqm – Leaders For Excellence

Category: Aci Code Requirements And Specifications For Concrete Design, Construction And Repair Training

Course Description

Who Should Attend

Professionals, leaders, supervisors and all those who are engaged in quality management implementation and improvement of organizational performance. Individuals who are leading or participating in organizational effort to apply for distinguished national and international quality awards based on the EFQM Model will also find the program beneficial.


  • Apply the EFQM Excellence Model, the RADAR Logic and the Fundamental Concepts within their working environment.
  • Use a set of quality management tools to lead their organization’s journey to excellence.
  • Interpret an assessment feedback report.
  • Use the DMAIC approach, and supporting improvement tools, to pinpoint and address the root cause of improvement areas identified.
  • Adopt a structured approach to effectively address identified areas through improvement projects.
  • Use the Business Excellence Matrix approach to develop an Enabler Map for their organization and complete a self-assessment.

Course Outline

  • Responding to Drivers of Change
  • The 8 Fundamental Concepts of Excellence
  • Using the 9 Excellence Model Criteria: Enables and Results
  • Benefiting from RADAR Logic
  • Mapping Strategic Themes Using the Model
  • Elements of RADAR: Results, Approach, Deployment, Assess and Refine
  • Using RADAR with Enablers
  • Using RADAR with Results
  • Identifying Organizational Strengths and Areas for Improvement
  • Preparing Meaningful Feedback to Management
  • EFQM ’s Recognition Schemes and Levels of Excellence
  • Characteristics of Excellent and Award Winning Organizations
  • Progressing in the Journey to Excellence
  • Prioritizing Organizational Improvements
  • Implementing Improvements Using the DMAIC Methodology
  • Benefiting from Established Problem Solving Tools
  • Compiling the Components of an EFQM Management Document
  • Using the Enabler Map to Detail Approaches
  • Completing a Self-Assessment Using the Business Excellence Matrix