Credit Risk Modelling

Category: Credit Risk Modelling

Course Description

Credit risk modelling is the cornerstone of credit assessment and is no longer an exclusive domain of banks and financial institutions. Increased competition and statutory disclosure requirements have forced non-financial institutions to take note of the need of credit risk modelling. Be it a bank or a consumer goods manufacturer, the need for credit assessment is necessary for all.

Who Should Attend

The course will be specifically useful for asset/liability mangers, accounts receivable and collection managers, fund managers, back and middle office managers involved in credit risk management, credit portfolio risk managers, financial analysts, executives of credit department, external and internal auditors, balance sheet managers, and credit risk analysts. Any enterprise seeking and extending credit will find the course most useful.

Benefit of Attending

  1. Learn about various approaches of credit risk modelling
  2. Recognise the data requirement for credit risk modelling
  3. Know how to design various credit risk models
  4. Learn about the regulatory requirement for credit risk modelling
  5. Integrate credit risk modelling with pricing
  6. Design simple models using spreadsheet