Creating Effective Policies & Procedures

Category: Creating Effective Policies & Procedures

Course Objectives

  • Hands-on approach to drafting policies which depict clarity and professionalism
  • Active learning to translate policies into solid action plans through active and experiential learning methods
  • The types of templates and drafts that suit your organisations policy writing procedures
  • How a policy differs from a procedure
  • How to embed an organisations values, vision and objectives in its written policies and procedures
  • Polish and refresh writing, formatting skills and the importance of making amendments in the current policy files.

Benefit of Attending

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Know about the standard elements of policy content
  • Determine when a policy is needed and use the process relevant to your organisation to develop one
  • Write and create your company’s policy and procedure documents
  • Make revisions and changes in the current policy documents
  • Understand the steps, rules and ideologies to follow when writing your company’s policies and procedures
  • Perfect your editing and formatting styles.

Who Should Attend

  • HR professionals
  • Professionals responsible for drafting policy and procedure documents

Course Outline

  • Definitions
  • Why and when – Creating policy and procedures are important?
  • Relationship of an organisation’s value with its policies and procedures
  • Internal and External Clients
  • Types – (Organisation, Human Resources, Administration etc)
  • How to write/develop policies and procedures?
  • Templates and styles
  • Writing techniques
  • Advantages
  • Parties involved in policy creation process
  • Using flow charts, tables and templates
  • Manuals and guidebooks
  • Mandatory Sections in writing policy and procedures
  • Optional Sections in writing policy and procedures
  • Importance of table of contents
  • Turning written documents into Action Plans
  • List of important titles
  • Sharing within each department.