Competency Based Training On The Safe Operations Of Forklift

Category: Competency Based Training On The Safe Operations Of Forklift

Course Description

Forklifts have been part and parcel of modern day operations of manufacturing/logistics outfits. The machines are very useful in lifting and moving of heavy and bulky loads around factory floor and storage area. However, these useful machines could turn to be a big threat to workers’ safety if not properly handled and maintained. Statistics indicated that many serious accidents, some involve fatalities, have occurred due to improper handling or poorly maintained of forklifts.

It is the responsibility of employer to ensure forklifts not only handled by trained and qualified personnel but also properly maintained. This competency based training program is designed to ensure forklift operators understand the principles of safe forklift operations as well as able to handle the forklifts safely. The program will covers extensively of theory followed by hands-on operating and conducting autonomous maintenance of forklifts. At the end of program, each participant will be tested on theory as well as practical on handling of forklifts. Certificate of Competency will be issued to those achieving the required competency level.


  • Understanding the functions and operations of forklifts
  • Understanding the limitation of forklift operations
  • Ability to operate the forklifts properly
  • Ability to conduct pre-operational, operational and post-operational inspections
  • Understanding the safety rules and regulations concerning forklift operations

Who Should Attend

  • The program is suitable for all level of employees whom are required to operate forklift but don’t have proper knowledge about the machine.

Course Outline

  • Rules and regulations involving forklifts
  • Construction of forklifts
  • Functions of Forklift
  • Safe driving of Forklifts
  • Physics of handling and moving bulky / heavy load
  • Forklift accidents
  • Hands-on operations of forklifts with loads