Certified Strategic Auditor (Csa)™

Category: Certified Strategic Auditor (Csa)™

Course Description

It is crucial that Internal Audit and other assurance providers can review the strategic management of the business rather than just assess the financial and operational aspects. A strategy audit involves assessing the strategic management and direction of a business, and how well the organisation is internally aligned to support these objectives.

This highly interactive and comprehensive course provides the tools, techniques and skills to become a strategic auditor. This comprehensive five-day programme will focus on:

  • Assessing the viability of the strategy taking into account the external environment and market pressures
  • Having an audit approach when reviewing all aspects of the business strategy, thereby offering valuable insights to senior management and ideas to enhance the process
  • Playing a valuable role by providing objective assurance that strategic plans are effectively communicated, understood and implemented
  • Why Internal Auditors are in an ideal position to appreciate how the pieces of the strategic management jigsaw fit together
  • Assessing the organisation’s risk appetite through the correct and consistent use of the risk management process
  • Asking questions about the way the organisation organises, implements and sustains strategic management to support good governance

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit senior professionals in all business sectors and will specifically benefit:

    • Internal Audit Directors
    • Chief Audit Executives
    • Audit Managers
    • Senior Auditors
    • Auditors who need an appreciation of strategic business management
    • Other senior Assurance professionals such as Compliance Officers and Senior Quality Auditors

Benefits Of Attending

  1. Ensure the strategic objectives are effective and measurable
  2. Assess the effectiveness of the Board and senior management oversight
  3. Ensure a clear risk appetite is established for all strategic objectives
  4. Assess the strategic evaluation of joint ventures, partnerships and externally provided services
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of the linkage between Strategy and Corporate Governance