Certificate In Cash Flow Management

Category: Certificate In Cash Flow Management

Course Description

The course will explain the critical role that cash plays in determining eventual success or failure of a business model. Many times, a great business idea ends up benefitting the bankers alone because of a faulty cash management policy and system. This course will define the contact points of business and the cash cycle so that the delegates know where the critical attention areas are. The course will integrate the business process flow with cash flow and accentuate the critical success factors that help organisation do more with a limited cash resource. You will recognise the calibrating issues in cash flow which will reduce the dependence on your bank. You will also explore the complexities of cash management with reference to the risks of being exposed to foreign currency, and understand the working of cash flow hedges.

Who Should Attend

The well-researched course reflects practical experiences and will be useful for executives responsible for cash flow in their organisation. Financial controllers, Chief Finance Officers, Cash Controller, Cash Flow Managers, Treasury Managers, Finance Managers, Accountants, Budget Managers, and Financial Analysts will find the course particularly useful.

Benefit of Attending

  1. Understand how cash flow affects profitability and growth
  2. Analyse the performance of your cash management function
  3. Compute your own cash cycle and improve its design
  4. Decide on investment projects based on cash flow
  5. Design excel-based models to optimise cash utilisation
  6. Mitigate the risks of foreign exchange exposure through hedge