Business & Report Writing Skills

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Course Description

A report brings significant and reliable information to the limelight of top management in an organization. Hence, on the basis of such information resulted by a great report writing skills, the management can make strong decisions. Reports are required for judging the performances of various departments in an organization.

This practical training program enables report writers to present convincing arguments and key messages in short reports. Participants work through the entire process of conceiving, planning, drafting and editing several reports, receiving numerous tips for improving clarity, flow and style along the way.

In this training program, participants will learn to number of easy-to-learn report-writing techniques and ensure their reports are well structured, that they flow logically and look professional. They will also learn to make their reports easier to read, and therefore make it easy for different readers to navigate around the report


  • Distinguish between different types of business reports
  • Write business documents to a professional standard and conforming to acceptable formats
  • Present information in an organized, structured way so as to achieve a specific objective
  • Adapt your writing style to support the report’s purpose.
  • Use a business-like style and vocabulary, while displaying sensitivity to different levels of reader expertise
  • Express ideas with confidence and clarity, supporting persuasive and logical arguments

Course Outline

  • Basic Introduction
  • Writing Routine Business Correspondence
  • Writing Letters
  • Instructions & Procedures
  • Short Report & Proposals
  • Long Reports
  • Presentations