Building An Award Winning Service Culture

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Course Description

The fact that successful organizations also have the most satisfied customers makes intuitive sense; and finding examples of such organizations is a simple matter. Names like Apple, Harley Davidson, Singapore Airlines and Emirates Airlines pop up immediately into mind. But which came first, the successful organization or the happy customer?

Unlike in the proverbial chicken and egg story, there is strong evidence that in the case of organizations and customers, one definitely has to come before the other. Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, said it best: “The result of any business is a satisfied (external) customer”. Drucker and other influential business thinkers clearly showed us where to direct our efforts.

It is by building a customer-centric culture first that an organization will develop the products, processes and services customers want, which will in turn result in a successful world-class organization. By taking inspiration from the most innovative companies and customer service gurus of modern times, this course will show you how to create this coveted ‘award winning’ service culture.

Course Methodology

Following short lectures by the consultant, participants will be asked to join in group discussions, analyze relevant cases, present results and develop plans focusing on the creation of a healthy customer service culture. Video clips, individual and team exercises are also used.

Target Audience

This course is designed to help people of authority such as managers, supervisors and all decision-makers, at all levels of the organization, create a customer focused atmosphere in line with the scope of their responsibilities.

Whether you are concerned with the external or the internal customer, this course is for you. Whether you work for, own or manage a private ​for profit organization, a non-profit government services institution or anything in between, this course is for you. 

Target Competencies

  • Customer Orientation
  • Establishing Focus
  • Fostering Teamwork
  • Managing Change
  • Improving Performance
  • Analytical Thinking

Course Outline

  • Famous quotes about ‘service’
  • Definition of ‘service’
  • Numbers to remember: the wake-up call
  • Famous examples
  • Service culture comes first
  • The cost of service: striking the right balance
  • Definition of corporate culture
  • Impact on the organization
  • Design versus nature
  • Leading from the top
    • Mission and vision
    • Being a role model
    • Training and coaching
  • Recruitment of employees
    • The importance of recruitment
    • Who and how to recruit
      • A word about ‘competencies’
      • Service competencies
  • Internal customers
    • Types of internal customers
    • The silo mentality
  • Processes and procedures
  • The voice of the customer
    • Focus groups
    • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Complaints system
  • Service improvement tools
    • Kano model
    • RATER model
    • The ServQual model
  • Reward system
  • Creating a superior service language
  • Pinpointing the real problems
  • ‘Serving up’ true value
  • Delivering value the right way
  • Inspiring ‘action’, not ‘blame’
  • Culture change challenges
  • Conditions for successful change
  • Change management approaches
    • Kotler’s 8 steps
    • Force field analysis
  • Understanding KRAs and KPIs
  • What and how to measure
  • Benchmarking principles