Agile HR Practitioner

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Course Description

The urgency of becoming Agile comes from the steady march of technology and the necessity for companies to keep growing and winning the game. For employees, this means the ability to adapt and be more agile, which is becoming more important than the ability to master a job or skill. Continuous change means that we need to always be learning – It is a never-ending process. Learning is the only way to adapt, we need to establish feedback lops to facilitate efficient and timely adjustments.

The future is all about collaboration, active partnerships, agility, adaptability, technology skills, interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial drive and continuous learning. Now is the time for all processes, people and partnerships to be agile.

Benefit of Attending

  1. ‘Go Agile’ and understand how to future-proof your business
  2. Gain practical tools and evidence-based methods to start applying Agile HR to your own work
  3. Use Agile HR techniques and strategic thinking to align with evolving business needs
  4. Learn how to work with stakeholders and customers to meet joint objectives
  5. Boost your own productivity and effectiveness with Agile HR
  6. Coach leaders and teams to build Agile networks of collaboration
  7. Begin to evolve your own HR operating model for Agile working and collaboration

Who Should Attend

The Agile HR Practitioner course is aimed at senior HR professionals in private and public sectors. This course is for you if:

  • You are looking for HR training and development programmes that build on your existing HR skills but are future-focused
  • You are a senior HR Manager responsible for transforming your organisational culture and want to understand how an Agile approach can help
  • You are a change agent and want to improve the success of change initiatives in your organisation
  • You want to understand more about how Agile practices can jump shift your business