World Class Internal Audit

Category: World Class Internal Audit

Course Description

This course is targeted at senior audit and assurance professionals – and is centred around the key challenges faced by a modern internal audit function – and the desire to provide the best service possible. 

A wide range of key topics will be discussed – and tips and proven techniques will be shared to enable the process to be challenged and the service optimised – so that senior management’s expectations are exceeded. 

The event also represents an excellent opportunity to meet your peers from both your sector and others and develop new approaches to the difficult challenges facing Internal Audit today. 

The workshop also includes opportunities to discuss issues of your choosing with fellow decision makers in the IA profession.

Who Should Attend

  • Heads of Internal Audit (CAE)
  • Audit Managers and those about to be appointed to that role
  • Audit supervisors
  • Managers of other assurance functions such as Compliance or Quality Assurance

World Class Internal Audit

  • Benchmark your Internal Audit function against global best practice
  • Build a world-class audit team
  • Deal with the challenges of consultancy and investigations
  • Audit Corporate Governance with confidence
  • Deliver effective stakeholder assurance
  • Implement a continuous audit approach