Transforming Finance Professionals Into Business Partners

Category: Transforming Finance Professionals Into Business Partners

Course Description

Ever-increasing competition, technology and changes in the business landscape are driving finance leaders today to provide greater value as genuine business partners, at both the senior/ executive management level and the operations management level. Finance leaders today are required to have a deeper understanding of and involvement in strategy, increased leadership skills, and better ability to effectively advise nonfinance colleagues through business insight and effective communication skills. You will learn how the role of modern finance in strategy, risk management, and data management is changing, and gain insight into a range of frameworks for the role of finance as business partner.

Going further on Day Two, you will learn about Finance’s unique opportunity to add value to the integrated business performance management process, due to its unique access to and analytical skills with company data, to develop business insights for the benefit of executive and operations management. We move onto Finance’s special role in business transformations and their role in unlocking internal value. We close Day Two with ideas and frameworks for how Finance can add value specifically as a partner to operations management.

The first part of Day Three is focussed on developing advanced technical financial modelling skills to effectively partner with business: scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, what-if analysis and risk assessment skills. These skills can be used for relatively short-term “quick advice” an operations manager needs, or bigger, more long-term strategic decisions. In the second part of Day Three, we visit the non-finance skills increasingly required by the modern finance professional: communication, persuasion, collaboration and teambuilding.

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for those in the finance teams of organisations which are facing pressures due to changing technology, competition, or business conditions, and wish to lever themselves up the value chain to provide greater value to the business. This includes:

  • Management Accountants
  • Corporate Accountants
  • Group Financial Accountants
  • Management Reporters
  • Budgeting and Forecasting Managers
  • Corporate Finance Teams
  • Finance Managers, Analysts and Administrators
  • Financial Business Analysts and Advisers
  • Financial Controllers
  • Finance Directors


Any visionary finance professional, who wants to equip themselves for the role of finance in the future, should attend this course.

Benefit of Attending

  • Models and frameworks for Finance to move up the value chain as a business partner
  • Finance’s integral role in strategic discussions and implementation at corporate and operational levels
  • Adding value to the integrated organisational performance management system
  • Partnering in fundamental business transformation initiatives and with operations management
  • Financial modelling skills, advanced techniques related to risk analysis, scenario analysis and sensitivity analysis
  • Non-finance skills: communication, relationship and team building with executive management, operations management, and your own team