The Complete Course On Construction Management,Creative Problem Solving And Decision Making Training

Category: Techniques For Pavement Rehabilitation Training

Course Description

The program is designed as an integrated series of lectures and case studies to provide an understanding of the concept of achieving construction, procedure and implementation of projects to meet the ever-changing needs of clients. It is designed to prepare participants to think systematically while managing the construction projects, its’ procedure and implementation, by giving a hands-on training. Participants will also be able to understand the relationships between hard and soft skills required from conceptualization of project to running day-to-day implementation.

Course Objective

This course will tackle the areas related to problem solving, decision making, and communication skills and managing stress at work. In addition, it is expected to improve the participants’ competencies and know-how in matters related to decision making and communication styles. At the end of this seminar, participants will have a better understanding and appreciation on how to communicate and manage daily stress and problems with employees

Course Outline

  • Dynamics of Contract, Management Responsibility – Clients, Consultants, Contractors and Authorities, Expectations of Clients, Consultants and End Users, Roles of parties, Project Liability
  • Poor quality and its cost and effects in construction
  • Conceptual Framework of Thinking Skills and Decision Making. 
  • Divergent and Convergent Thinking in Decision Making.
  • Critical Constructive Thinking in Decision Making. 
  • Leadership and Teamwork in Practice
  • Project Success and Failures
  • Case Studies: Decision and Policy Making
  • Project Management Fundamentals and Practice
  • Mitigation of Project Delay 
  • Knowledge Management and Project Learning in Projects 
  • Knowledge Management and Project Learning in Projects (cont’d)
  • Project Learning and a Case Study: An International Construction 
  • Summary of the program & Certificate distribution 
  • Defining the concept of problem solving skills. 
  • Explaining the importance of resolving problems in enterprises. 
  • Describing the behavioral and analytical process of problem solving skills. 
  • Providing some explanation about problem solving competency framework. 
  • Dealing with different types of problems faced in the workplace. 
  • Providing some valuable tips and recommendations related to that subject.
  • Defining the concept decision making and its whole process. 
  • Explaining the importance of decision making in effectively managing enterprises. 
  • Describing the behavioral and analytical process of decision making. 
  • Providing some explanation about decision making competency framework. 
  • Managing conflicts through effective decision making approaches. 
  • Increasing understanding of others.
  • Briefing about foundation of communication. 
  • Highlighting the functions & principles of communication. 
  • Defining the means of communication.
  • Identifying the types of communication.
  • Explaining the communication process.
  • Building trust & respect among staffs.
  • Developing good & healthy relationships.
  • Defining the concept of stress and its impact on the human body. 
  • Explaining the factors coming from work pressure.
  • Discussing the good stress v/s bad stress. 
  • Managing stress conditions. 
  • Working to decrease stress levels in your body.
  • Creating an environment that is healthy and ensure mental & physical well-being.
  • Delivering short Presentations about selected training topics.
  • Providing some helpful guidelines on how to improve your various skills.
  • Giving and receiving feedback about the training program