Telephone Techniques & Etiquettes For Call Centre Professionals

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Course Description

This workshop is designed to help improve the quality of Telephone Techniques & Etiquette. During telephone interactions, the audience requires our help, support, guidance and resolution through pleasant interactions and experiences. They need us to fully understand their concerns and provide the best solutions.

In order to provide what they want, we need to determine their perspective. For this, we need to follow a pre-determined flow which involves a healthy combination of strategic probing, active listening, empathy, articulate speaking, knowledgeable solutions offering, and the ability to maintain a fruitful conversation in order to provide a PLEASE-ant telephone experience.

Key elements of communication etiquette are included in this program such as clarity, using correct tone of voice when answering a call, avoiding slang, listening, verifying, patience and helpfulness, asking before putting someone on hold and focusing on the audience.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to project a positive image of themselves and their employer organization
  • Provide courteous and people-oriented telephone services
  • Learn empathic listening Understand and handle difficult people and address their concerns, issues and complaints
  • Enhance personal and organizational productivity through effective telephone handling
  • Stay cool, calm and collected
  • Avoid potential adverse reputational issues arising from mishandling telephone calls

Course Outline

  • Basic Telephone etiquette
  • Use an effective approach to handle special telephone tasks
  • Active Listening
  • Understanding Expectations – EMPATHY
  • Probing Skills – Questioning techniques
  • Dealing with difficult / angry telephone situations
  • Developing 2 way communication
  • Articulate Speaking