SME Action Plan

Category: SME Action Plan

Course Description


  • To help participants gain the essential skills required to prepare and analyse different components of the Action Plan from Marketing, Operations and Finance point of view
  • To train participants in assessing their ability to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and understand how each department.

Who Should Attend

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bank Staff – Middle & Senior Management

Benefit of Attending

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the meaning of SME and the way to develop an efficient business plan
  • Develop a thorough Marketing Plan and how to promote your business
  • Work on a comprehensive Operational Plan, Inventory matters, equipment, human resources and handle each department tasks seamlessly
  • Learn how to handle your business from Finance point of view; developing financial statements and breakeven analysis, profit/loss statements and an overall understanding of how to handle the business financially
  • Write, understand and implement a complete business plan.

Course Outline

  • Market and Marketing for SMEs Environment
  • Market Analysis and Forecast
  • Identifying and Analysing your Customers
  • Identifying Competitors and your Competitive Devices
  • Identifying and Setting The Business Objectives
  • Analysis Tools: The SWOT and the PEST
  • Marketing Plan – Four Ps
  • The Difference in a Marketing Plan for Services and Trading Companies
  • Roles of Operation Plan in the Business Plan for SMEs
  • Components of Operation Plan
  • Process of Operation Plan Making
  • Equipment and Inventory
  • Investments and Costs
  • What is Fixed Cost versus Variable Cost?
  • The Human Resources plan and how it affects the Financials?
  • The Operational for Services and Trading Companies
  • Roles of Financial Plan in the Business Plan for SMEs
  • Components of Financial Plan
  • Financial Assumptions
  • Financing Structure: Sources and Uses of Funds
  • The Cost of Capital and Cost of Cash
  • What is a Balance Sheet?
  • What is an Income Statement?
  • The Ratios and their Indications
  • What is Cash Flow Projection, NPV and IRR?
  • Solvency and Profitability
  • Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis
  • The Cycle of Writing
  • Who to Write for and what to Write?
  • What to Highlight and what are the Different Components of a Written Business Plan
  • How to Write the “Executive Summary”