Category: Reverse Logistics Best Practices

Course Description

In today’s economy every business executive is looking for ways to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Business leaders are now looking for new ideas to achieve their goals. In many organizations, reverse logistics is an area of untapped opportunity that can have a positive impact on both customers and earnings. It takes leadership and resources in order to take advantage of these opportunities. If you are new to the world of returns management then, this course is for you, it is filled with explanations, facts, process flows, diagrams, tools, and best practices developed over years of hands-on experience

Benefit of Attending

  • Explore theories, definitions, and best practices.
  • Differentiate between return and distribution centres.
  • Understand more about reverse logistics, and explore different ways to reduce the financial impact of product recalls and customer returns.
  • Discuss how to develop reverse logistics program when scarce resources are applied to other needs of the corporation
  • Discuss how reverse logistics impacts a firm’s customers, suppliers, partners, service providers, and shareholder value.
  • Appraise the importance of many different activities that are key parts of the reverse logistics process.
  • Understand how the various activities can influence the supply chain and a company’s bottom line.

Course Outline

  • The impact of Reverse Logistics
  • Executive’s reaction to Reverse Logistics
  • Return centers
  • The difference between return and distribution centers
  • The drivers behind returns
  • The key to bottom-line contributions
  • The most important decision
  • Return policies and customer satisfaction
  • The key to increasing recovery rates
  • Outsourcing reverse logistics
  • Product recalls
  • Salvage, liquidation, and asset recovery
  • Managing transportation expenses
  • Reverse logistics software
  • Repair and refurbishment
  • How centralized return centers operate
  • Christmas returns
  • How to reduce retail customer returns
  • Tax treatment for donating returns
  • Sustainability and reverse logistics
  • The future of reverse logistics
  • Servicizing – Product lifecycle extension
  • What manufacturers can do to reduce returns?