Planning And Running Successful Pr Campaigns

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Course Description

Well – planned and executed PR campaigns can drive strategic organisational change, shape public perceptions and enhance brand reputation with key stakeholders. Carefully designed can also prove to be a cost-effective means of positively influencing and increasing stakeholder value for an organisation. With a strategic approach right from the conception phase to budgeting, and from choosing and leading a good team, to managing the overall execution of the campaign, this course will provide step-by-step guidance to effectively plan and execute a knockout PR campaign.

In the digital era where social media now constitutes a major factor in any successful communications plan, this course will also provide participants with the necessary tools and techniques to include, and better plan for, social media engagement by considering the latest digital trends. Now more than ever managing an organisation’s reputation is directed online, which is why this course will provide ample insight and walk each application through the right processes with a fully-integrated simulative approach to PR campaigns and campaign design.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed primarily for:

  • General Managers, Department heads or In-house Public Relations Managers, Communications and Marketing Managers that deal with a company/ organisations’ reputation, strategic communication and overall all image management.
  • Middle and senior managers tasked with the direct delivery of campaigns or oversight of specialist subcontractors
  • Senior operational managers with responsibility for managing teams whose role includes Public Relations Campaigns
  • Senior managers responsible for the strategic use of Public Relations

Benefits of Attending

  1. Identify key objectives for a Public Relations (PR) campaign
  2. Conceive, create and oversee the campaign execution like a thorough professional
  3. Successfully manage staff, budgets and external stakeholders throughout entire campaign
  4. Control and ensure the outcomes set by the PR campaign objectives
  5. Acquire the necessary skill-sets, tools, pitfalls and techniques to succeed when running campaigns