Marketing Masterclass

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Course Description

Anyone who needs to create and maintain customer relationships will require a comprehensive awareness of marketing principles. This workshop will cover both the theory and the practice of marketing, equipping delegates with the skills and knowledge to be able to contribute effectively to the marketing initiatives in their organisation. They cover the roles and responsibilities of brand management and the use of the marketing mix to strengthen your brand(s). Using latest and best practice, learn how to grow and defend your market position and maximise investment return. 

You will learn how to be fully effective and efficient in all aspects of marketing. This is the most comprehensive coverage of the marketing function that can be provided.

Who Should Attend

This intermediate level workshop is aimed at individuals who are familiar with, or are working in, the marketing function; as well as anyone who needs to be aware of the principles of marketing.

This training is also a useful course for anyone who wishes to develop a better understanding of the marketing process and for those who interact with the marketing department and would like a better grasp of all that is involved in the marketing process.

The course will also benefit individuals who manage businesses and need to review their marketing strategy or decide on and implement key tactics and marketing activity.

Benefits of Attending

  • Maximise your marketing performance and create a marketing plan for your organisation
  • Apply techniques to segment your marketplace and identify your key target audience
  • Create clear and measurable objectives and tools to measure and refine results
  • Use best practice methods to maximise the effectiveness of marketing mix and establish a competitive advantage
  • Understand the role of brand management and its relationship to other functions
  • Strengthen your brand for deeper, longer lasting relationships with your customers
  • Understand best practice in product management and apply it in your organisation