Linking Competency Management To Business Goals

Category: Linking Competency Management To Business Goals

Course Description

Are competencies another management ‘fad’ or do they have an essential role to play? In the c20 years since competencies came to prominence, what measurable improvements have there been in corporate performance?

When properly defined and managed, competencies have an essential role to play in developing talent and achieving corporate goals and strategies. High-level, strategic competencies aid and inform senior and executive managers by recognising those characteristics of the business that are less easy to define.

Competencies, even at a strategic/corporate level, largely focus on the skills, traits, behaviours and capabilities required by the human resource element to deliver the business strategy. In addition, however, competencies at this level have a specific role to play in defining and articulating the skills and behaviours required at the very top of the organisation.

Who Should Attend

Executive Level/C-Suite Management and other executives with a specific role in organisational performance and direction.

  • CEOs, COOs, MDs, Functional Heads
  • Heads of HR
  • Heads of Performance

Benefit of Attending

  1. Gain a sound understanding of what competencies are, how they can be used and applied in your business environment
  2. Understand how competencies are aligned with high-level corporate measures such as “Measures that Matter” (MtM), and the role MtM play
  3. Recognise the competencies that are important at a corporate level – Competencies that support:
    • Quality of your business strategy
    • Strategy execution
    • Innovation and research
    • Performance management
    • Attracting and retaining talent
  4. Align well-defined and executed competencies to your business strategy
  5. Review and replace your existing competencies to launch and implement the most relevant ones
  6. Use MtM to determine your own organisation’s state of health