Leading Customer Loyalty™

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Course Description

Are your customers loyal to your organization?
More than 70% of what makes a customer experience great is the behavior of frontline employees. Great behavior doesn’t happen without inspiration and accountability, and that requires a bottom-up approach—not the typical top-down corporate method. If your employees are enthusiastic promoters of your organization, the sentiment will resonate with your customers too.

Do you want to improve customer loyalty?
First, win the hearts of the people serving your customers. Your employees must feel like valued members of a winning team pursuing an important mission. It takes a leader to inspire and lead them to accomplish this. Leading Customer Loyalty is a two-day course for frontline managers to learn the principles and practices needed to win the hearts of employees and customers. The Key To Successful Innovation. Attend both courses to gain deep insights on applying the processes of innovation and design to improve customer satisfaction – and build loyal teams that express trust and admiration for your organization, resonating through every outstanding customer experience.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Use the Leading Customer Loyalty Toolset to lead teams towards building and earning customer loyalty consistently
  2. Identify and help overcome customer/ employee issues
  3. Develop a discovery mindset around customer needs
  4. Bridge the gap between knowing the importance of making a human connection and living the practice of making a genuine human connection
  5. Lead teams to discover unexpected areas that delight customers and employees
  6. Develop and earn loyalty legacies each day