Knowledge Management – How To Create An Effective Learning Organization

Category: Knowledge Management – How To Create An Effective Learning Organization

Course Description

Managers, senior managers and Human Resources professionals who wish to transform their business units to learning organizations. Middle managers and professionals whose responsibilities are to develop their organizational knowledge management strategies and promote knowledge management practices will also highly benefit from this program.

Course Objectives

  • Define learning organizations and list their various characteristics.
  • Identify the knowledge life-cycle and develop processes for knowledge management at each phase.
  • Define the role of employees in learning organizations and strategies for building a knowledge sharing culture.
  • List the barriers and corresponding strategies associated with creating an effective learning organization.
  • Evaluate the use of technology in learning organizations and assess the feasibility of implementing existing technological tools

Course Outline

  • Defining the Terms (Data, Information and Knowledge)
  • The Life-Cycle of Knowledge
  • Knowledge as an Asset to Organizations
  • Importance of Knowledge Management
  • Managing Explicit and Tacit Knowledge
  • Definition, Function and Characteristics of a Learning Organization
  • The Five Learning Disciplines
  • Barriers to Creating the Learning Organization
  • Strategies for Creating Your Learning Organization
  • The Creation of Knowledge
  • Dissemination to Various Levels and Individuals
  • Utilization to Make a Difference
  • Continuously Evaluating Your Knowledge Management Strategy
  • Organizational Learning Processes
  • Knowledge Workers and Learning Organizations
  • The Role of Employees in Knowledge Management
  • Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture – Implementing Leadership and Reward Structures
  • Evaluation of Best and Worst Case Practices
  • Technology as an Integral Element in Knowledge Management
  • Implementation of Knowledge Management Technologies
  • Overview of Tools Available