Ilm Endorsed Supervisory Skills

Category: Aci Code Requirements And Specifications For Concrete Design, Construction And Repair Training

Course Description

This course focuses on all aspects of management, from methods and processes to the softer skills of staff relations. It provides the foundation and the framework for continued learning and development, and is also the perfect model for those who want to refresh their knowledge and manage more effectively.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for supervisors and prospective managers who want to further their skills with new methods and tools and become an even more vital link in the management chain. It gives all new supervisors and managers the necessary tools and techniques to get started in management. During this challenging, motivating, simulating and enjoyable four-day course you will be given the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to be able to hit the ground running as a new supervisor or manager.

Benefits of Attending

  • Increase your management effectiveness with your team by understanding managerial styles and knowing how and when to use them
  • Develop the effectiveness of your team by establishing a systematic process for planning work, agreeing on expectations and monitoring performance
  • Build a high performance team and extend your influence by improving your interpersonal relationships and building a culture of trust, openness and collaboration
  • Find the right tone to come across as assertive, and establish your authority over a group
  • Gain valuable insight into what makes a supervisor successful