Healthcare Strategic Management Skills

Category: Healthcare Strategic Management Skills

Course Description

This comprehensive course is streamlined to a more manageable format; it focuses on the global analysis of industry and competition; and analysis of the internal environment. As ever delegates are provided with the guidance they need to strategic planning, analysis of the health services environment (internal and external) and lessons on implementation; with additional discussions on organizational capability, deeper treatment of sustainability and corporate social responsibility and more coverage of the sources of organizational inertia and competency traps.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Discuss why strategic management has become crucial in today’s dynamic health care environment.
  • Trace the evolution of strategic management and discuss its conceptual foundations.
  • Describe and explain the concept of strategic thinking maps.
  • Define and differentiate between strategic management, strategic thinking, strategic planning, and managing strategic momentum.
  • Understand the necessity for both the analytic and emergent models of strategic management.
  • Understand how an organization may realize a strategy that it never intended.
  • Understand the benefits of strategic management for health care organizations.
  • Understand the importance of systems approaches.
  • Explain the links between the different levels of strategy within an organization.
  • Describe the various leadership roles of strategic management.

Course Outline

  • The Nature of Strategic Management
  • Understanding and Analyzing the General Environment and the Health Care Environment
  • Service Area Competitor Analysis
  • Internal Environmental Analysis and Competitive Advantage
  • Directional Strategies
  • Developing Strategic Alternatives
  • Evaluation of Alternatives and Strategic Choice
  • Value-Adding Service Delivery Strategies
  • Value-Adding Support Strategies
  • Communicating the Strategy and Developing Action Plans
  • Analyzing Strategic Health Care Cases
  • Health Care Organization Accounting, Finance, and Performance Analysis
  • Health Care Acronyms
  • The pharmaceutical industry: An industry note
  • Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. succeeding in the road less traveled
  • Community blood center of the Carolinas: Donations, Donations, Donations
  • OR solutions reach a crossroad
  • Can this relationship be saved? The Midwestern Medical Groups’ Integration Journey
  • Ellen Zane: Leading change at Tufts-NEMC
  • Indian Health Service: Creating a climate for change
  • Dr. Louis Mickael: the physician as strategic manager; Governance challenges at Good Hand Healthcare (A)
  • The Rosemont Behavioral Health Center
  • Riverview Regional Medical Center: an HMA facility
  • AIDSCAP Nepal  
  • Emanuel Medical Center: Crisis in the health care industry  
  • Cooper Green Hospital and the Community Care Plan; “So, Doctor, Can you fix this?” A case involving a medical spa
  • C. W. Williams Health Center: A community asset
  • Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute: competing in the LASIK eye surgery market
  • The Premier Health Care Alliance emerges  
  • The case for open heart surgery at Cabarrus Memorial Hospital
  • Emergency Care Group