Electric Distribution System Equipment

Category: Aci Code Requirements And Specifications For Concrete Design, Construction And Repair Training

Course Description

Course Objectives

  • Training Methodology
  • This interactive training Course includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of total tuition hours:-
  • 50% Lectures
  • 30% Workshops, Group Work & Practical Exercises
  • 20% Videos & Software

Course Outline

  • Upon completion of this course, you will have gained a working knowledge of:

    • Gain more knowledge on electric power & dielectric principles and demonstrate the safety measures in electric distribution system equipment
    • Identify the low & medium voltage cables & buses and be familiar with the MV & LV switchgear circuit breakers
    • Know the different types of power transformers as well as its inspection and testing, analyses, failure modes and detection
    • Learn about instrument transformers including the types & uses of current & voltage transformers, inspection & tests, common failure modes and CT/VT safety
    • Recognize the various types & uses of meter & protective relays and define the difference between analog vs. electronic & their corresponding inspection & tests, meter/relay cautions & safety
    • Know the types and ratings of surge arrestors as well as its inspections and tests
    • Identify capacitors and achieve knowledge on electrical maintenance program