Computer -Based Office Administration And Organization

Category: Aci Code Requirements And Specifications For Concrete Design, Construction And Repair Training

Course Description

Who Should Attend

Office professionals, office administrators, supervisors of clerical and administrative staff, and executive/personal assistants.


  • Define the competencies needed to run present and future offices.
  • Apply their business writing skills and organize their emails using MS Outlook 2010.
  • Organize their office time using the MS Outlook 2010 calendar.
  • Manage and coordinate their relationship with their manager using soft skills and computer- based methods.
  • Develop and apply document management strategies.

Course Outline

  • Identifying Competencies Needed for Success
  • Being an “ Action ” Person
  • Setting Up, Measuring and Achieving Your Objectives
  • Interacting with Others and Networking for Success
  • Personal Productivity
  • How MS Outlook 2010 Can Aid Productivity
  • Overview of MS Outlook 2010 Ribbon, Toolbar and Navigation Pane
  • Choosing the Right Communication Medium
  • Essentials of Business Writing and Form Design
  • Using MS Outlook 2010 to Write Emails and Manage Contacts
  • Organizing and Categorizing your Email Folders and Creating Rules
  • Eliminating Email Overload
  • Applying Design Themes to your Emails
  • Creating Professional Signatures
  • Working with Personal Stationery
  • Creating your Own Address Book and Organization of Contacts
  • Proactive versus Reactive Styles
  • Organizational Concepts, To-Do Lists and Reminders
  • Using MS Outlook 2010 Calendar to Schedule
  • Appointments, Events, Meetings, etc.
  • Prioritizing Concepts and How to Apply them Electronically
  • Creating and Working with Notes
  • Creating and Organizing your Tasks through MS Outlook 2010
  • Organizing Professional Meetings
  • Writing Agendas for Effective Meetings
  • Preparing Professional Minutes of Meetings
  • Knowing your Manager and Organizing the Relationship
  • Knowing your Manager’s Expectations
  • Communicating with your Manager
  • Planning and Scheduling Tasks
  • Delegation Concepts and Applications Using MS Outlook 2010 Tasks
  • Sharing the MS Outlook 2010 Calendar with your Manager
  • Organizing your Computer Files
  • Essentials of a Good Filing System
  • E-Filing versus Paper Filing
  • Office Organization Strategies
  • Data File Management