Competency Based Training On The Safe Operations Of Cranes

Category: Competency Based Training On The Safe Operations Of Cranes

Course Description

This competency based training has been developed to address all the applicable regulations FMA 1967 and OSHA 1994. This is an intense training workshop for operators of overhead lifting equipment. The program teaches legislated requirements; pre-operational, operational, post-operational and lockout requirements; signals; and required inspections. It also teaches how to choose the proper rigging, common hitches, estimations of loads and rigging the load as per legislated requirements.

The purpose of this training is to eliminate the dangerous practices of operators while operating an overhead crane. Properly trained operators will reduce unnecessary damage and repair to the equipment; decrease material and product damage and lessen the chance of an incident or injury. This program is applicable to all capacities and types of overhead lifting devices. The training will involve knowledge sharing sessions followed by hands-on practical sessions. At the end of the training participants will evaluate through written test and evaluation on hands-on practical training.


  • Understanding the provisions and requirements of OSHA 1994 & FMA 1967 concerning operations of overhead cranes
  • Understanding the physics and mechanic of overhead cranes
  • Understanding the dangers associated with operations of overhead cranes
  • Understand the procedures and routines to be conducted in operations of overhead cranes
  • Ability to operate overhead cranes as required by the laws
  • Knowing what need to be done in the case of accident involving overhead cranes

Who Should Attend

  • The program is suitable for all level of employees whom are required to operate cranes but don’t have proper knowledge about the machine.

Course Outline

  • Legal requirements of FMA 1967 & OSHA 1994
  • Introduction to overhead cranes.
  • Inspection of tools and lifting appliances
  • Load and inspections of rigging method
  • Lifting plans and operational checklist
  • Pre-Operational Checks
  • Operational Checks
  • Internationally Used Hand Signals
  • Hands-on operation overhead crane
  • Dos and Don’ts of crane operations