Certificate In Succession Planning & Career Development

Category: Certificate In Succession Planning & Career Development

Course Description

Succession planning is done by only 7% of the top 500 companies worldwide. Organisations that implement effective succession planning and career development ensure business continuity while motivating and retaining their talent, rather than losing them to their competitors. This course will equip you with the knowledge, skillset, tools and techniques for you to:

  • Write an effective succession plan policy
  • Identify the impact on HR and organisational processes
  • Create a comprehensive plan of HR capabilities and values
  • Identify and analyse current levels of individual competence
  • Implement a talent development plan that improves and retains staff with potential
  • Identify and strengthen the key attributes of the next generation of leaders
  • Plan and implement a cost-efficient succession plan
  • Improve performance management procedures
  • Produce monitoring data and reports to track staff development
  • Recognise talent and match it to your organisational needs
  • Engage staff and inspire them to perform better and develop more
  • Create a culture that nurtures talent from the outset
  • Recognise and overcome barriers to development

Who Should Attend

This course has been specifically designed for all leadership and management professionals with an interest in ensuring business continuity and improving performance, motivation and loyalty of employees. It is an essential course for new entrants to the HR and people space, department heads, directors, senior managers and section heads. HR professionals, people development officers and career development specialists will also benefit from the outcomes of this course.

Benefit of Attending

  • Understand why only 7% of the world’s top organisations have a credible plan in place to develop their top talent
  • Develop an effective process to build a talent management programme and a succession plan for your organisation’s future
  • Create a great place to work through a culture of growth and development
  • Ensure business continuity by incorporating succession planning into key organisational positions and preparing people to step up to leadership roles
  • Attract and retain the top talent you need to meet your organisation’s current and future objectives without spending vast financial resources
  • Build a unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP)