Certificate In Risk Management & Supply Chain Vulnerability

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Course Description

The management of risk has developed and come to the fore in business thinking over recent years. In particular, risk in supply chains has attracted attention. Factors such as supplier reduction, closer relationships and the development of lean or agile supply chains have increased dependency within the supply network. Disruption or variability of supply can have severe ramifications on dependent supply chains. In consequence, the considerable management of supply chain risk and vulnerability is an increasing requirement and discipline for contemporary businesses.

Who Should Attend

The course is a must-attend event for anyone wishing to enhance their understanding of risk and use techniques to mitigate the negative impact on their enterprise. Some job titles include:

  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Senior Buyers
  • Contract Managers
  • Supplier/Vendor Relationship Managers
  • Project Managers

Benefits of Attending

  • Develop an understanding of supply risk and its impact on sustainable business
  • Learn how to undertake risk analysis in supply chains and apply a range of risk management tools and techniques
  • Appraise a variety of tools and techniques to establish the level of risk in supply chains
  • Be able to recommend ways of avoiding, mitigating or managing supply chain risks