Certificate In Data Analysis Skills

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Course Description

Learn data analysis techniques and how to improve your business’ operations by attending our data analytics certification course. Through this comprehensive data analysis short course, you will be able to review a range of tools and choose the right ones for the particular application. You will learn to produce analysis and diagrams that can make your reports and business cases easier to read and more effective.

By applying a probability based approach, you will be able to manage uncertainty in decision making and enhance organisational performance measurement.

Who Should Attend

Our data analysis courses in Dubai are designed for anyone who wishes to gain a basic working knowledge of data analysis techniques. This may include managers, strategists, business analysts, HR practitioners, supply chain managers, IT managers and specialists, technical authors, general managers and administrative employees.

Benefits of Attending

  • Describe how data analysis can help to develop operations and projects
  • Choose the right tools to analyse different data sets
  • Produce sensitivity analyses and Tornado charts to enhance business cases
  • Manage uncertainty through statistical methods
  • Create effective strategic and operational organisational performance measures