Cash Flow Management

Category: Cash Flow Management

Course Description

This training program will teach you how to manage your working capital and maximise the use of cash within your organization. Working capital optimization and management is the art, and increasingly the science, of organizing a company’s short term resources to sustain ongoing activities, mobilize funds and optimize liquidity.

This program will provide and in-depth analysis of an organization’s working capital accounts throughout each phase of the business operating cycle and looks at how to manage them for maximum efficiency.

The program is aimed at finance professionals who have an impact of the working capital of a company or organization, including corporate treasurers, accountants and purchasing specialists. It deals with both basic principles and wider practical strategies for businesses to employ. This Program will improve your effectiveness at managing the inflow and outflow of cash in your business.

Course Objectives

  • Acquire an understanding of the fundamentals of effective management of cash flow, including the optimisation of the level of working capital.
  • Develop practical experience of how to manage cash flow and optimise working capital to facilitate such delivery in real life business situations.
  • Increase personal financial skill levels
  • Develop confidence through understanding the major drivers of successful financial performance.
  • Learn a number of technical skills, all of which lead to the ability to calculate the required figures and implement them into value adding business decisions

Who Should Attend

  • Accountants with reporting and/or recording responsibilities for working capital accounts, Business managers with responsibilities for managing the cash operating cycle.

Course Outline

  • Managing Short Term Finance Decisions
  • Managing the Collection System
  • Managing the Disbursement Systems
  • Understanding Cash Flow Management
  • Managing Corporate Liquidity
  • Managing Working Capital
  • Managing and Forecasting Cash Flows