Call Centre Team Leaders Training Workshop

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Course Description

The tipping point in contact centres success is the supervisor/team leader. Without effective agent performance assessment, feedback and coaching, the team does not move forward.

The program combines the fundamentals of the call centre’s unique operating environment with general leadership and coaching skills to provide call centre supervisors and leaders with a curriculum that is specifically suited to them. Through this development program, participants will learn the skills necessary to lead their teams to success.

The program delivers a deeper understanding of the management principles of the call centre and elevates the professionalism of the call centre leaders. This leads to greater retention as leader clearly see the impact of their positions and the career paths to which they lead. Team Leaders will complete the program with a greater understanding of the results they are being asked to achieve and why they are so important.

Course Objectives

  • Develop accurate and winning Telesales Management Strategies
  • Hire the right candidates for this very crucial position
  • Develop behavioural and technical criteria for hiring
  • Learn how to develop winning telesales scripts
  • Possess Telemarketing Rep Training material for ongoing training
  • Monitor calls for improvement and performance management
  • Track call and sales statistics to report to higher level management

Course Outline

  • Elements of an effective telesales management strategy
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Formalized job description development
  • Designing and editing scripts or call guides for new campaigns
  • Telemarketing Rep Training materials
  • Coaching
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Call monitoring techniques
  • Call performance evaluation
  • Statistics tracking
  • Daily activity management tips
  • Motivating Telemarketing Reps