Business Transformation

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Course Description

The critical role of Business Architecture in enabling a transformational change is becoming increasingly recognised within organisations as well as the business and academic communities. This course offers practical lessons on how forward-thinking organisations are enabling end-to-end planning through execution using Business Architecture. Topics include business impact analysis, solution design and requirements specification and includes how Business Architecture is being incorporated to enable other practices including initiative planning, solution architecture, and scaled agile.

Corporations are investing like never-before in the digital transformation of their organisation. Yet often than not, they do not have much or enough to show for it. IT-driven agile teams tend to work in silos from the rest of their colleagues and too often they do not deliver according to the business strategies and objectives of their company. Business Architecture must be used early on at the planning stages of a business transformational change first to minimise the time that can be wasted between business stakeholders and business analysts while gathering information, second to lower significantly the number of transformation failures before the delivery of solutions that really meet the business strategies and objectives of the enterprise, and finally to make sure that teams from different programs/projects do not deliver conflicting or partly redundant solutions.

Who Should Attend

These courses will prove extremely beneficial for Business Strategy Experts, Business Planners, Business Transformation leaders, Business Analysists Managers and Business Architects tasked with bringing the practice of Business Architecture into their organisations and using it to achieve real business results. It is also for executives who are struggling to truly transform their business to meet the demands of the new customer and compete in a fast-paced environment.

Benefits of Attending

  • Use Business Architecture in the planning stages when gathering information to minimise time wasted between business stakeholders and business analysts
  • Develop new insights into situations and apply innovative solutions to problems
  • Make sound, well-informed, and objective decisions to accomplish organisational goals
  • Effectively deal with new information, changing conditions, or unexpected obstacles
  • Significantly lower the number of transformation failures when meeting business strategies and enterprise objectives