Best Practices Of Supply Chain Management

Category: Best Practices Of Supply Chain Management

Course Description

Benefit of Attending

  • Gain a master class in one of the most critical components to creating organizational wealth.
  • Explain why and how value must flow intelligently and seamlessly in an ever more connected world.
  • Understand how to leverage technology in their supply chain to ensure that they remain competitive in a global economy.
  • Examine how companies are realizing the potential of today’s supply chain to meet these new challenges.
  • Define the basis of logistics and transportation, and shines new light on the supply chain evolution.

Course Outline

  • Wonderland: The World’s New Scale
  • Choreographing Survival: Risk And Adaptation
  • Reality Crunch: Our Perceptions And Reactions
  • Leonardo Flunked Latin: Innovating And Inventing
  • Five-Minute Plan: Enhancing Business Processes
  • Deus Ex Machine: The Growth Of Automation
  • The World Is Always With Us: Communication
  • The History Of The Supply Chain
  • Lift That Bale: Transport By Ground, Air, Sea, And Rail
  • Pins To Porsches: The Evolution Of Manufacturing
  • Activity Not Place: Outsourcing
  • Silks To Cells: Retail Evolution
  • The Store’s The Thing: Retailing And The Supply Chain
  • Ports, Ships, Hubs, And Rails: Intermodal Transportation
  • A Million Square Feet Of Chocolate: Warehousing And Distribution Centres
  • What’s missing? Supply Chain Challenges
  • Pyramids To Parameciums: Supply Chain Modeling
  • Making It Right: A Global Perspective
  • An Atlas Act: Repairing The Global Supply Chain
  • By Intelligent Response: The Future